Walgreen's Monroe Michigan

Project Scope Overview

The Monroe, Michigan Walgreen’s parking lot was worn and cracked from weather and use, particularly showing wear around catch basins. After careful evaluation and inspection, D&J recommended a partial rehabilitation, rather than full replacement, of the Walgreen’s Monroe, Michigan parking lot. Rehabilitation extends the life of the existing lot by up to six to eight years and results in significant cost savings.

Project Execution Steps

1. Base Removal: D&J removed and replaced the base to a depth of up to 12 inches in some areas, providing load-bearing strength for the finished pavement.
2. New Catch Basins: D&J rebuilt catch basins to ensure proper drainage.
3. New Striping: D&J’s clear line striping is essential for pedestrian and driver safety.

Project Outcomes

Walgreen’s saved $50,000 from their budget.

Project Categories

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