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D&J Offers Quality Asphalt Crack Filling Services in Clinton Township, Sterling Heights & Troy, MI.

For Surface, Long and Alligator Skin Repair

Crack Filling

Surface cracks are often the first visible signs of underlying problems with asphalt. Small cracks expand and create larger problem areas that result in an “alligator skin” appearance. Once this type of deterioration occurs, it is usually necessary to dig out the old asphalt and install a new sub-base and asphalt surface.

Long cracks also appear along the seams from initial construction. These are typically the weakest areas in the asphalt mat. Filling cracks prevents water infiltration and additional cracking when water freezes and expands.

D&J Contracting, Inc. uses hot, pourable, rubberized crack-fill material. It fills cracks deeply and completely, and is longer lasting because of its capacity to expand and contract.

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