ADA & Engineering

You Can Count On Us For All Your ADA Compliance needs 

Our certified engineers retain extensive experience in pavement assessment and rehabilitation including public roads, parking lots, sidewalks, ramps, and pathways. We can assist our clients in managing their pavement assets with surveying, inventory, rehab design and ADA access compliance, AASHTO requirements, bidding, construction inspection, value engineering, and maintenance recommendations.



Handicapped Parking Requirements

Our ADA Services Include

  • Parking Spaces Inventory
  • Safety & Access Regulations
  • Regulation Signage
  • Handicapped Parking Requirements
  • Parking Lot Dimensions & Geometry
  • Pavement Slopes
  • Traffic Markings & Striping


Pavement Slope & Signage


Safety & Access Regulations


Handicapped Parking Spaces

If you have any questions about ADA Compliance or AASHTO requirements contact us today!

Michigan Department of Transportation Prequalified Contractor
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