Ferry Drain Restoration, Troy, Michigan

Project Scope Overview

The Ferry Drain is a stream and storm water relief system flowing through a neighborhood in Troy, Michigan. The water flow had eroded residents’ yards and the streambed was encroaching on private properties. The City and residents wanted to stop the erosion and prevent damage to foundations of nearby homes while preserving the scenic and natural area.

Project Execution Steps

1. Landscape Fabric: Landscape fabric and boulders stabilized banks.
2. Bank Stabilization: Bank stabilization followed the natural curves of the stream.
3. Boulders: D&J used boulders to camouflage new drains and storm drain pipes.
4. Trees: D&J planted native trees, shrubs and plants to create a park-like setting.

Project Outcomes

D&J completed the project in less than four weeks and on-budget. D&J’s work has halted erosion and preserved and enhanced the area with native species of trees, plants and shrubs to create a park-like setting residents and visitors will enjoy for years to come.

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