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Crack Filling Services in Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, MI & Surrounding

Surface cracks are often the first visible signs of underlying problems with asphalt. Small cracks expand and create larger problem areas that result in an “alligator skin” appearance. Once this type of deterioration occurs, it is usually necessary to dig out the old asphalt and install a new sub-base and asphalt surface.

Long cracks also appear along the seams from initial construction. These are typically the weakest areas in the asphalt mat. Filling cracks prevents water infiltration and additional cracking when water freezes and expands.

D&J Contracting, Inc. uses hot, pourable, rubberized crack-fill material. It fills cracks deeply and completely, and is longer lasting because of its capacity to expand and contract.


Seal Coating

Applying asphalt sealer is the best way to prolong the life of asphalt, especially in high-traffic areas where wear and tear exposes the aggregate stone. New asphalt should be seal coated between six months and one year after installation; all asphalt should be re-sealed every two to three years to minimize surface deterioration.

D&J Contracting, Inc., follows strict preparation procedures to ensure asphalt sealing is effective. Our professionals thoroughly clean the surface using forced air and finish with wire broom sweeping. Dirt and debris lodged deep in the pores of the asphalt are lifted, allowing the new surface to form a tight seal. Heavily soiled or oily asphalt may require power washing prior to sealing.

A high-quality asphalt sealer made with coal-tar emulsions creates the longest-lasting seal. D&J uses GemSeal pavement products because they are impervious to gasoline and oil and will not break down when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. D&J’s paving professionals mix the asphalt sealer using manufacturer-recommended ratios of sand and water, and guarantees that all sealers are mixed and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.



Parking space stripes fade from normal traffic and weathering. After an asphalt parking lot is newly installed or sealed, it also requires new striping and stenciling. Crisp, fresh lines are attractive and effective at controlling traffic flow and accurate parking. Striping can be done 12 to 24 hours after the sealer has dried, depending on temperature. D&J’s stripers are knowledgeable, experienced professionals who adhere to industry standards and regulations.

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